A Wish For Us - Tillie Cole

A Wish For Us

By Tillie Cole

  • Release Date: 2018-06-11
  • Genre: Coming of Age
Score: 5
From 28 Ratings


From the author who brought you A Thousand Boy Kisses comes the new emotional novel, 
A Wish For Us
A story of music. A story of healing. A story of love conquering all.

Nineteen-year-old Cromwell Dean is the rising star of electronic dance music. Thousands of people adore him. But no one knows him. No one sees the color of his heart.

Until the girl in the purple dress. She sees through the walls he has built to the empty darkness within.

When Cromwell leaves behind the gray skies of England to study music in the South Carolina heat, the last thing he expects is to see her again. And he certainly doesn’t expect that she’ll stay in his head like a song on repeat.

Bonnie Farraday lives for music. She lets every note into her heart, and she doesn’t understand how someone as talented as Cromwell can avoid doing the same. He’s hiding from his past, and she knows it. She tries to stay away from him, but something keeps calling her back.

Bonnie is the burst of color in Cromwell’s darkness. He’s the beat that makes her heart skip.

But when a shadow falls over Bonnie, it’s up to Cromwell to be her light, in the only way he knows how. He must help her find the lost song in her fragile heart. He must keep her strong with a symphony only he can compose. 

A symphony of hope. 
A symphony of love.
A symphony of them. 

Standalone Novel. Suitable for ages 15 and up. 


  • A beautiful and emotional story!

    By TMax71
    5+ Colorful Stars!! A Wish for Us is one of those books that has captured a special place in my heart. It is beautifully written and makes you feel so many emotions. From the prologue to last sentence she has you riveted to the page. Cromwell and Bonnie’s story is a unique tale of love and life, it is heartfelt, beautiful and heart-wrenching. Cromwell is a brilliant and gifted musician whose life revolves around music. His world has been turned upside down and refuses to live it to the fullest. Bonnie loves music with all her soul and thrives to be the best at her craft. She also has a secret which is interfering with her passion. She meets Cromwell at time in her life when she needs to find that something to push her further. Both are lost and use music to communicate with the world. Once they find that connection with each other, their journey is an colorful and lyrical adventure. This book makes me remember why I started reading in the first place, it was to discover stories like this. I usually do not tend to veer towards YA, but I think when you read a book like AWFU there really is no category you can but it in, it is just truly an awe-inspiring, emotional and a magical journey. It show us how love can help you conquer life’s hurdle as well as heal and grow from those lessons.
  • Five Plus Beautiful Stars!!!!

    By Yoli277
    Tillie Cole owns my soul and all of my tears. I am in awe of her and this book. A Wish For Us is one of the best books I've ever read in my life. I'm not going to lie, it's heartbreaking, torturous and there are several moments that will make you ugly cry. And I don't regret reading one single word of this brilliant and devastatingly beautiful novel. Cromwell and Bonnie's story is so passionate, moving and heartfelt. Cromwell is an exceptionally talented DJ who was gifted child prodigy and classical music composer. He has a very painful past which attributes to his tortured heart and soul. Bonnie is a kind, gentle, loving and courageous young woman and also a classical music composer. Bonnie is the perfect person to repair Cromwell's broken heart and soul. She admires him and his talent, inspires him and becomes his everything. Their shared love of classical music is what brings them together and ignites an all consuming and incredible love affair. The way Ms. Cole wrote A Wish For Us is so real, raw and descriptive and I could feel the music through her words. Once you read it, you will understand what I mean when I say, I could see the vibrant colors and hear every single note that was played. Every emotion that Cromwell and Bonnie felt, I felt it too. And I loved it with every fiber of my being. Of course it wouldn't be a Tillie Cole book without high levels of angst and a huge plot twist. And I'll just leave it at that. Their love story is priceless and everything you will ever want in a romance book. A Wish For Us resonated with me for days after I finished it and will continue to do so for a very long time. I highly recommend you take a chance on reading this book, you will not be disappointed in the least.
  • Music’s Meaningful Words and Melodies

    By Fairest Reviews
    I’ve always believed in the positive power of music…that its melody and lyrics are restorative…that getting lost in its sounds and its words heal the soul and the heart in unimaginable ways… But, I also understand music’s darker side…the one that allows cries of pain to get lost in the cacophony of noises…the one that forces emotions to swirl out of control…the one that hides the torment of the soul. Music most definitely has the power to heal…the power to soothe…the power to lift up spirits in a way that words alone cannot always accomplish, but music also has the power to undo a person’s carefully constructed life in a way that he can’t come back from because he becomes lost to the array of feelings brought forth and he becomes their prisoner and loses the battle. The dichotomy of music has never been articulated better than in the beliefs of Cromwell Dean and Bonnie Farraday. At the beginning of A Wish For Us, music for Cromwell is tormenting, agonizing, and too emotional; it forces him to open himself completely and feel all that it has to show him, and that’s not something, given his past, that he feels he’s able to endure. For Bonnie, music is EVERYTHING; it’s a bevy of sounds, words, and feelings that are meant to be experienced FULLY, offering one’s mind and heart to where music leads it. That’s not to say that Bonnie doesn’t struggle with keeping her beat…her melody…her song alive when life tries to overpower them, because she does…it’s just that when that happens, knowing that she has someone in her corner…someone who understands music’s intricacies and its limitless possibilities, she’s able to endure…able to reconnect in a way that binds her soul with his and that’s not something that can be destroyed easily given the fact that the songs somehow find a way to play on. Tillie Cole writes Cromwell and Bonnie’s story in such a way that makes it impossible to not feel every single one of the emotions that are felt by the characters throughout the course of the book; there’s nothing about A Wish For Us that feels fabricated…that feels contrived…that feels unoriginal, and it’s because of Cole’s ingenuity when it comes to the construction of her plot line, of her characters, of the drama infused into the story line that weaves the story’s lessons…its beauty…its darkness and its lightness around readers’ hearts and souls, pleading with us to understand its teachings about life, about love, and about music. Cromwell and Bonnie’s story is meant to be more than simply read; it’s meant to be EXPERIENCED; it’s meant to be entered into with an open mind and an open heart, which means that going in blind…not reading reviews…not forming opinions based on other readers’ assessments is the only way that readers can truly visualize and accept all that the story offers, especially when things get difficult for the story’s characters and the possibilities of how everything will be resolved aren’t quite clear. 4.5 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)