The Lone Wolf - Penelope Sky

The Lone Wolf

By Penelope Sky

  • Release Date: 2019-08-20
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 401 Ratings


My gravest mistake was falling in love with my husband.

It crept up on me so slowly that I didn't even notice it was happening until it arrived. I assumed he felt the same way every time he kissed me...every time he touched me.

Until he proved me wrong.

Kamikaze is dead so I don't need him for protection anymore. Divorce is all I want now. I'll find a man that will love me the way I deserve, that won't bring home two strange women just to hurt me. 

I don't need him. 

Now it's time to start over.


  • Wow

    By Prmamakel
    With everything that happen with them. A happy ever after story. I was hoping to read more of those love story and about his father and sister. What about their children. Hard to believe it was a short spam to the honeymoon. I wished there was more.
  • Lovely all around

    By thatasianashley
    Although I was expecting one last big bad thing to happen or a new villain to emerge, we found a happy ending for the characters. That’s what keeps things fresh. Getting what you weren’t expecting! Penelope, you’ve give life to all these characters. Arwen is a little firecracker that doesn’t break down easy and I ADORE that about her. Thank you for the Wolf series. I feel like you tied it up all together very well. Onto the next, OH MY GOD. “Wife” instantly roped me in. The first chapter was unlike any other of the books you’ve previously written. I have a VERY good feeling about this series. And it’s gonna be gooooood.
  • Anonymous reader

    By Cashmeré
    I am a huge fan of all the series from Penelope sky. However this one I was the most excited for and also the most let down by it. The entire series felt rushed, the last book feeling the most rushed. The epilogue could have been included in the final chapter and we could have gotten a better epilogue. Also more detail could have been put in. The sister was a lost point in this book, her progress was never kept up with then one day she was out of the rehab. I think so much more needed to be added to this book. Maybe the consideration of another book for this Series to tie it all together, or a book telling the sisters story with little updates of maverick and Arwen and Caspian in there would help out some.
  • This wolf doesn’t want to be alone anymore!

    By Sassy982011
    I loved this book and am so happy! I loved that Arwen didn’t give in easily with Maverick. He has realized what he truly wants and how badly he actually hurt her and that he wants her. Perfection!
  • Spoiler Alert

    By Darsh :)
    This series by far has been my favorite it feels different than all the others. Maverick and Arwen have made me sit on the edge of my seat throughout the entire series. I honestly wish the ending had shown them years from the vow renewal instead of during the honeymoon. This is a must read I’ve had a love hate relationship with all of the characters but with Caspian I felt his pain and although I didn’t agree with everything he did I was rooting for his transformation. I wish the series didn’t have to end because it was so AMAZEBALLS.
  • Disappointed

    By Holanyjyjhmygrgddefhyjy
    I want to start off by saying, I love all of Penelope Sky’s books/series. I’m always on the edge of my seat, staying up way past my bed time, and biting my nails to find out what happens next. This book just didn’t do that for me. It was dragged out and nothing all that exciting happens. Over all, it was a let down. I feel like SO much more could of happened within each chapter, the characters were flat, the plot wasn’t exciting, and you could predict everything that was going to happen. Sad to say, not my favorite story ever.
  • The Lone Wolf

    By Nay Nay 18
    The ending was nice but I was hoping for a little bit more. The whole book basically was just Arwen and Maverick getting back together. There was no in between unless you count Maverick and Caspian finally resolving their relationship. The epilogue also could’ve been a lot better as well. I’m use to Ms.SkY giving us a insight of the future. I wanted to know if they had kids, how had Caspian and Maverick’s relationship progressed. Even Maverick’s sister barely had any shine. I’m given it four stars because I was really excited to read it but I found the preview of WIFE Ms. Sky upcoming book more interesting than the main story.
  • What will happen?

    By SimplyAsh
    Hmm what can I say about The Lone Wolf? While I absolutely loved this series, I feel like this book was rushed a bit. I’m used to the amount of detail and cliffhangers Penelope usually puts in her books, yes I guess she’s spoiled me with that. With that said I still loved Maverick and Arwen’s story. They had a lot of ups and downs and crazy stuff happen but through all of that and through the heartbreak they were able to find love and passion no matter the situation. Penelope is still hands down one of my favorite authors and I will always read her work!
  • Wonderful!

    By kay1569
    Loved it!
  • Rushed

    By romanticwonder
    Could have had a lot more action and less time skips. Cute concept but was definitely rushed and could have been written better. Don’t spend your money if you’re looking for something spectacular, action packed, and heart pulling. There are better books out there. She has written better and I recommend her other books seeing as this book was so disappointing.